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We're constantly looking for top talent.

We're constantly looking for top talent. Come join us, and let's make an impact together!


Reasons to Start Your Career @Meliora

A Team of Experts

Join a team of professionals with a proven track record of exceptional ecommerce performance and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement. We lead the way in e-commerce via the Meliora way - the internal framework for project delivery.

Inspiring Projects

We know that our work matters - therefore we develop products and services with the greater good in mind. A prime example is our app - Sell and Care - helping merchants and buyers donate more easily to causes that matter.

Professional Development

At Meliora we highly value the pursuit of improvement - therefore we have set up an internal Knowledge base as well as a scholarship program for further education. Ask your recruitment officer for more details.

Company Benefits

As part of our aim for work-life balance we have adopted a wide range of employee benefit programs to help you do your best both at the office and at your own time. Find out more from the recruitment officer.

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[REMOTE] Backend Developer

MelioraWeb is the eCommerce agency that is . We passionately pursue better results for your brand.

To complement our powerful team of friendly and open-minded professionals we are looking for a reliable and resourceful person willing to grow together with us. If this sounds like you, check out the details below.

The kind of skills you will need to work with us:
  • Knowledge of and experience with Laravel
  • Knowledge of and experience with React, HTML5, CSS3
  • “Can Do” attitude and constant pursue to do things in a better way
  • Organized and autonomous personality – the person we are looking for should be able to work independently and follow deadlines
  • Flexible and adaptable to changes
  • Working knowledge of English
Few additional skills which we would highly appreciate if you have:
  • Experience with Shopify apps, Shopify
  • Knowledge of and experience with Bootstrap
  • vue.JS
  • Knowledge of Linux
  • Experience with building scalable infrastructures
  • Responsible personality
What would be your challenge?
  • SAAS development with Laravel
  • Development of different modules and integration with platforms
  • Delivery according to deadlines and following the requirements
What does it mean to work with us:

We are a young and quickly growing company working in the e-commerce niche. And this time of crisis, e-commerce is a safe island. The person who will join us will have the freedom to manage her/his own activities and the opportunity to see the results of her/his efforts on a daily basis. We are looking for someone who is willing to grow with us. We are always improving ourself, processes, communication and work.

How we’ll choose the candidate:
  1. Application assessment - criteria:

    We would assess candidates based on their fit for the position.

  2. Completion of a task

    Shortlisted candidates would be sent a task to complete.

  3. Online interview - criteria:

    Applicants who have successfully completed the task would be contacted for an online interview.

    We would also be looking for the right mindset in order to inspire and bring results within the team.

Our proposal will follow the experience and seniority of the candidate.

If you are interested…
Send us your CV at If you share your portfolio as well it’ll be highly appreciated!

[REMOTE] Front-End JavaScript Developer

About us

We are results-driven E-commerce experts!

From custom design and development to large scale white-labeled Shopify apps, we are the E-commerce agency for brands that strive to do better online!

We started MelioraWeb, because we believe in a world where every online shopping experience is easy and pleasant to use! Our mission is to make this happen.

MelioraWeb is an E-comm agency, in which we combine Technology, Creativity and Business Insight to provide an exceptional E-commerce experience. With our 30+ combined years of experience, we strive to do better each day and to transform our partners’ enthusiasm into measurable results. We are a high-growth startup, started in 2019 and grew the team to 9 people and built a loyal customer base of 20+ successful Shopify online stores and apps.

We acquired a solid know-how in building Shopify apps, thanks to the 7+ Shopify apps we built for our customers. Some of them are highly-recognizable in the Shopify ecosystem, such as TikShop - the very first TikTok app in the Shopify app marketplace. All of them vary in different nieces - from social proofing to selling and donating to international charity organizations, such as American Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, UNICEF, etc. We are proud that most of the online stores we built are nature-friendly. EconicOne, Travah, Haven Tents, CoachCecil are all brands that provide better for the environment.

Meliora comes from Latin and literally means “always better”. We strive to do better each day and seek for new technologies and innovations. That’s why diving into the crypto world and building blockchain-based SaaS solutions is our new adventure!

What you’ll do as a Front-End Developer

Our culture has been described as “high-performance and low ego”. We are seeking an A player Front-End JavaScript developer who is eager to collaborate with the team to build better online experiences for our customers.

If the following statements describe you, we’d love to talk.

  • Console errors make you sad.
  • You appreciate how jQuery has helped introduce many developers to what’s possible with JavaScript, but now you want to show them a better way.
  • You respect the power of JavaScript while recognizing it’s not the only tool, and not always the best tool, for a task.
  • You believe responsiveness holds dramatic advantages to every self-respected application.
  • You know there’s indeed a difference between fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive layouts.
  • Micro-optimizations make you happy.
  • You are, but you are not a pixel-perfect kind of a person.
  • You measure the value of code by its positive impact on application performance and its ease of maintenance.
  • You believe code documentation is as helpful for the author as it is for other users.
  • The peer code reviews are really more than just a bug-check.
  • You are good-natured and collaborative. You want to work together with other good people to build great things.
  • You provide and receive constructive feedback gracefully.
What to bring
  • 1-3 years of programming skills with JavaScript, React.js
  • Deep knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
  • Experience with Liquid template engine
  • Experience with Git/Git flow
  • Experience with Shopify
  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • “Can do” attitude and constant pursue to do things in a better way
  • Organised and autonomous personality
  • Working knowledge of English
  • An agile and adaptive character
  • Growth mindset
What we offer

We are a young and quickly growing company. At this time of crisis, E-commerce is a safe island.

The person who will join us will have the freedom to manage her/his own activities and the opportunity to see the results of her/his efforts on a daily basis. We are looking for someone who is willing to grow with us. We are always improving ourselves, processes, communication and work.

Here are some of the other social benefits you will receive:

  • 1500 - 4000 net salary
  • 22 days of paid leave yearly
  • Additional health insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • The comfort of working from home
  • Team management possibility
Case Studies

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Sell & Care

Shopify App

We have spent over 20 weeks on the development of the Sell&Care app allowing each of the U.S. and Canada based Shopify merchants to support one of 41 charity organizations with specific global importance (Wounded Warrior Project, UNICEF, World Central Kitchen, Doctors Without Borders, and 37 more)! What makes this app unique is Shopify store merchants' ability to adjust the donated amount for different products, hold campaigns, and display this information on their storefront.

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