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SEO Optimizer; BULK edit; JSON-LD; Alt tags; Meta tags update
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Easy install & SEO optimizer

No need to be an SEO expert! Use our intuitive Admin panel to easily and quickly improve your SEO score by Bulk editing your tags or images.

One-click-install meta tags

Install the app in a few seconds and improve your SEO ranking in no-time. Use the build in meter to see how much you have saved from hiring.

No coding required & Bulk edit

mprove your Google search engine visibility quickly and easily by optimizing your Image ALT tags and more with bulk edit with SEO manager

About the app

ReRank Bulk SEO Optimizer

From e-commerce merchants for e-commerce merchants

ReRank Bulk SEO Optimizer has been developed by e-commerce veterans with years of experience with the complete process of client acquisition, conversion, retention and process optimization. We have developed a complete suite of tools to help you rank better on all major Search Engines - driving more sales to your store!

One-click install and Easy to Use

Quickly install and use ReRank Bulk SEO Optimizer to improve your store’s visibility and ranking across all search engines. Our extensive SEO experience Improve your Product Images ranking and relevance by using our Bulk Image ALT tag editor.

Update your website’s Title and Description in order to improve your website visibility in search results so that you can attract the right audience for your website.

See your store’s SEO score on the app dashboard improve with every optimization that you make.

See how much ReRank Bulk SEO Optimizer has saved you in SEO optimization cost via the built in dashboard.

Track all of your changes from the Activity log.

Great features:

  • Get a snapshot of your store’s ranking from our dedicated analytics dashboard
  • See the savings that app has made compared to manual SEO optimization
  • Update your meta Titles, Descriptions, Product and Collections meta tags
  • Update your Blog and Blog posts meta tags
  • Select between app generated optimization suggestions or create your own templates
  • Bulk optimize your images Alt tags by creating a custom pattern
  • Monitor all your changes via our Activity log
  • An app built exclusively for Shopify stores
  • Live chat support

Great support team

Every Shopify store should have great SEO, and we are here to help you achieve your SEO optimization goals. Reach out to our Support team if you have any questions on how to get started, your initial setup and operation or the fine tuning of the ReRank Bulk SEO Optimizer app.

What Merchants Are Saying


ReRank is a robust SEO assistant developed by a team of experts with 40+ years of shared experience in SEO and Shopify development.

We are extremely customer-centric and metrics-driven. We are specialized in Shopify SEO & are exclusively focused on delivering stellar Shopify SEO services and tools.

Our mission is to support every merchant’s growth and SEO success, wherever they are on their journey.

To ensure our company mission thrives, we foster an environment that reflects and supports it:

  • We create and share in-depth SEO resources - essential SEO guides, actionable checklists, and indispensable business advice pieces. They are available for free on our blog - The E-comm Hub.

  • Come Q1 2023, all our customers will have exclusive access to a thriving Shopify SEO community, where we’ll share SEO tips and strategies, tailored to each merchant.

  • Last but not least, ReRank is completely free.

A brief overview of ReRank’s features:

Free Pro Plan


Meta tags optimization
Alt tags optimization
Duplicate content fixes
Broken link fixes
JSON-LD structured data

Going into details:

By installing ReRank, you get a robust Shopify SEO assistant that will help you:

  • Optimize your meta tags & get more targeted traffic from Google. More targeted traffic results in more qualified leads, which equals more sales.

  • Optimize your image alt tags to give Google context & improve your ranking and brand visibility on the SERPs.

  • Fix duplicate content issues & make sure Google can quickly and easily discover your new product pages.

  • Connect your Shopify store to Google Search Console to fix all broken links & improve your store’s domain authority.

  • Add JSON-LD structured data to your website & increase engagement and CTR with rich results.

  • Enable the Autopilot feature & save a ton of time on mundane SEO tasks.

  • View detailed reports and comprehensive data about your SEO score, the number of SEO fixes performed by ReRank, and the amount the app has saved you in SEO costs.

The best part?

  • You need no coding skills.

  • You need no prior SEO knowledge.

  • You need no external help.

  • You get all this for free - no hidden costs!

“We at Meliora believe in a world where every online shopping experience is easy and pleasant to use. Our mission is to make this happen!”
Mladen Grozev CEO
Mladen Grozev, CEO of Meliora
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