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With the help of Proofster businesses have easy access to notification tools that help increase their growth and skyrocket their conversions.
Proofster - Shopify App
Increase Growth and Skyrocket Conversions

The App

Proofster is built to increase the conversion rate of the merchant’s store by more than 20% by using 20 custom Pop-ups (Conversion Counter, Live Counter, Call to action and 17 more) and 4 Bars notifications (Informational Bar, Collector Bar, Button Bar and Coupon Bar) according to the Monthly or Annual Subscription Plans!

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“Proofster skyrocketed my business within days from installing it!”

George Preston Shopify App User

“Proofster skyrocketed my business within days from installing it!”

Lisa Shaw Shopify App User

The All-in-One Social Utility Pack

Proofster is built to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engagement according to the merchant’s specific needs! It allows customizing the chosen Notification by adding a Custom Branding functionality!

The All-in-One Social Utility Pack

Quick and Easy Installation and Setup

Installing the app on your Shopify store takes a few minutes and less than 5 steps! It offers an intuitive Dashboard with Statistics that follows the percentage of impressions, the number of campaigns, and notifications created.

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Container Discounts

Container Discounts

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In the past few years, Virtual reality and 3D product modifications have been making waves in many industries, from architecture to manufacturing. In recent months we have seen an increased demand for this technology among container manufacturers due largely thanks to their ability not only print parts but also to configure them into any shape or size that your needs may be! One such company is ContainerDiscounts which approached us about redesigning its website along with adding several key functionalities, including a dynamic pricing engine where customers can view estimated costs based on configuration options they choose when ordering online - all without having ever laid eyes upon these products prior.

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