Fuze's Magic Touch: Skyrocketing InaEssentials' Revenue by $27,000 with a Dazzling 1,000% ROI in Merely 5 Months!


Introduction: The Fuze Effect

Dive deep into how one renowned European brand, InaEssentials, transformed their revenue streams in a short span.

With the integration of Fuze, they witnessed a dramatic revenue boost of $27,000 and an awe-inspiring average ROI of over 1,000% within just five months.

This case study meticulously unravels the strategic decisions, implementations, and outcomes of leveraging Fuze's capabilities.

If you've been searching for proof of how the right tools (and Fuze in particular) can amplify revenue growth and redefine business metrics, this is a journey you won't want to miss. Let the numbers guide the narrative.

InaEssentials and Fuze: A Collaborative Success

Fuze has always thrived on empowering businesses to reach their potential, and our collaboration with InaEssentials is a testament to that commitment.

Let's delve into the impact we've had together across various markets since April, 2023:

📈 The Average ROI Impact

Across the board (i.e., all 23 InaEssentials that have installed Fuze), InaEssentials has seen a stunning average ROI of over 1,000% with Fuze, underscoring the powerful synergy between their unique offerings and our upsell capabilities.

💰 Total Revenue Boost

Our partnership has catalyzed an impressive total generated revenue exceeding $27,000 across all InaEssentials stores. This growth is a testament to both the quality of InaEssentials' products and the efficacy of the Fuze tool.

🏆 Standout Performers

  • The Swedish InaEssentials ****store achieved a mind-blowing ROI of 9,700%.


  • The Bulgarian store is currently a top revenue generator, bringing in $3,704.98 with an ROI of 823%.


🌍 Broad Spectrum Impact

Almost every InaEssentials store, from Portugal's 786% ROI to Romania's revenue of $3,051.94, has seen significant uplifts.



This widespread success speaks to the scalability and adaptability of both our platform and InaEssentials' offerings.

🔍 Continuous Learning

Our journey with InaEssentials reaffirms the strength of collaboration and continuous iteration.

Through targeted upselling and understanding market nuances, together, we've been able to provide value to customers and significantly boost revenue.

We're eager to continue this growth trajectory and explore new frontiers of success.

Why InaEssentials Chose Fuze: Navigating the COD Landscape with Precision

InaEssentials, a brand with deep roots in European markets, had always thrived on understanding and adapting to market dynamics. They had a significant footprint in the COD market and wanted to be able to offer upsells to customers who had chosen COD as a payment method for their orders.

This made us their perfect upselling ally. By integrating Fuze, they were poised not only to bolster their average transaction value but also to elevate the entire customer journey (even on COD orders). The seamless upsell solutions provided by Fuze were exactly what InaEssentials needed to navigate this pivotal market avenue.

Through this collaboration with Fuze, InaEssentials has strategically addressed a key market dynamic, ensuring they remain at the forefront of customer needs and preferences.

And our product became stronger and better as a result, thus, making our partnership an absolute win for both sides.

Localized Expansion with Fuze: Catering to a Global Audience

InaEssentials' ambition to connect with a diverse, global clientele is evident in its robust presence across 23 countries. These include prominent markets such as the United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, and many others spread across Europe.

Recognizing the significance of providing a seamless user experience, Fuze has been instrumental in enhancing InaEssentials’ outreach. Each of these 23 localized stores is equipped with Fuze's tailored capabilities.

A critical facet of this partnership has been our commitment to linguistic inclusivity. To ensure every customer enjoys an intuitive and enriching shopping journey, Fuze has incorporated translations matching every language InaEssentials operates in.

This strategic alignment between InaEssentials’ global vision and Fuze's adaptable functionalities ensures not only an enhanced shopping experience for users but also cements the foundation for sustainable growth in diverse markets.

Tailored Solutions: Fuze and InaEssentials Partnership

The collaboration between Fuze and InaEssentials isn't just about the provision of software services; it's about crafting a personalized digital strategy that speaks directly to InaEssentials' unique requirements.

Strategic SEO and Client Support

  • We extended vital SEO resources to the InaEssentials team, underscoring the inherent value of SEO in boosting visibility and driving organic traffic.
  • From the outset, we've ensured the setup of their initial upselling funnels was accurate, coupled with a consistent transfer of best practices to maintain and enhance performance.
  • A testament to our dedication to client success, we've maintained open and responsive communication channels, gathering invaluable feedback which continually informs our product enhancements.

Custom Features for Enhanced User Experience

  • Responding to InaEssentials’ specific needs, we introduced several custom functionalities, which then became available to all our users:
    • Swift development of the post-purchase COD upsells feature and a seamless experience for users opting for COD payments, ensuring post-purchase offers are aptly displayed.
    • An innovative A/B split testing for upsells, facilitating data-driven decisions on optimal upsell offers.
    • Adaptability in post-purchase page design, including product description modifications, aesthetic edits, and visibility of product discount percentages.
    • Enhanced flexibility in funnel creation, allowing the choice of entire collections as triggers, as well as single products.
    • A Global Language Selector ensuring consistent language application across all funnels.
    • Tags on orders linked to Fuze, enabling efficient order categorization.
    • Dedicated sections for "Thank you page funnels", simplifying customization and management.

Optimizations to Boost Conversions

  • We've made strategic alterations within Fuze to improve user engagement and drive conversions:
    • Elevated visibility of the discount percentage on upsell products.
    • Quicker loading times on the post-purchase page.
    • Advanced statistical tracking to evaluate and refine funnel behavior.
    • A revamped statistics dashboard with time-specific data analysis, enhanced funnel visibility, and clear color-coded distinctions.

Through our enduring commitment to quality and client satisfaction, we've built not just an extraordinary app, but a relationship, one that continually adapts and grows to match InaEssentials' evolving requirements.

Concluding Thoughts

InaEssentials, originating from a quaint Bulgarian town, has now remarkably expanded its influence across 23 European markets. While their roots are deeply embedded in sustainable and organic products, it's their relentless dedication to the community, coupled with strategic customer-centric initiatives, that truly distinguishes them.

However, the story doesn't just end with passion and perseverance. It's amplified with strategic tool integration. Fuze's pivotal role has catalyzed their success, spearheading a significant $27,000 of Fuze-driven revenue in a mere five-month duration, boasting an impressive average ROI exceeding 1,000%.

InaEssentials serves as a compelling beacon for budding ventures and existing enterprises, showcasing that authentic dedication to product excellence and community, combined with strategic adaptability, can breakthrough in even the densest marketplaces.

Our pride in being part of InaEssentials' journey is immense. Observing such significant results in a short span instills confidence in Fuze's potential, and we're enthusiastically looking forward to fostering even more monumental achievements together.

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