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How to boost your conversions in 4 ways by redesign

Boost your conversions in 4 ways by redesign

WHY Redesign

If you’re an e-commerce merchant, redesigning your store may be crucial for your business if you want to generate sales and build high trust with your consumers. If you’ve finished the line, you know that redesigning an existing store is more complicated than starting from scratch, but it’s definitely worth the efforts. Below you’ll find 4 reasons why redesigning your store can be life-changing or at least a revenue-booster!

Outdated technology

In the freelancer platforms such as UpWork, every 3 to 4 job offers desperately need improving site speed and SEO because of outdated technology and frameworks. In the 21st century, when the generation is rushing, and there are unlimited options for online shopping, your store's speed is critical for generating conversions. According to a recent study done by Unbounce, near 70% of consumers share that site speed is one reason they decide to buy or leave a store. John Mueller, the lead of the Search Relations team at Google, in a Twitter post answered the question about the recommended site speed - less than 2 - 3 seconds. This is how less means more.


Building high levels of trust and engagement with customers 

  • Add customer support chat solutions for a direct impact with the clients, such as Crisp. Knowing that a person is ready to help with a technical problem builds trust and turns your buyers into loyal ambassadors of your products even though there may be a problem with the service. The digital area we live in does not automatically disable human relationships with your clients.

  • A great way to boost trust via redesign is the opportunity to add customers’ reviews and feedback of partners and happy clients. For example, 37.3% of respondents aged 18 to 29 said they always looked at product reviews before making a purchase, according to eMarketer. Especially when we’re not able to touch, feel, and see the product we want to buy, reviews are the priceless helper for boosting sales.

  • Give a free value: All the people visiting an ecommerce store know you want them to buy the product you offer, but what if they know that you want to give them an impact they don’t need to buy. Just because you appreciate their loyalty and you’re grateful for their purchase. Adding a blog page and an FAQ page on your website is a great way to increase your conversions and build a great way to show people you care about their comfort while exploring your offers.


Design smooth and user-friendly ecommerce experience

  • If we return to point 1 and the fact that clients don’t like heavy loading pages, they don’t like crowded pages too. Your store is a living asset, which means that its first vision, page, and navigation order may be out of time 3 or 4 years later. Defining your goals will help you to think about the way your site should look and feel. According to Colorcom, every color symbolizes a meaningful message you want to convey and must be considered when redesigning your website.

  • Build people an easy check-out process by designing a single check-out page for them and easy to follow steps to finish a purchase.

Social media for boosting sales and give an extra value

It won’t be surprising if we tell you that more than 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. The statistics are more than exact that social media is the biggest generator of buyers, and consumers trust social media for deciding how and where to shop online. 45% of the current population uses social media (over 3.5 billion people according to the statistics), which is a significant reason to improve social media appearance and strategy in your store.

Redesigning an ecommerce website is mastery, and you need a real Rockstar team to give you a high-quality masterpiece! We are here to help because a redesign is not the enemy. The lack of action is! Take a look at what we do, and let’s start the journey today!

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