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Do you need a discovery session before starting a project?

Discovery Session

What is the Discovery session?

How often do you hear the "discovery session" term nowadays? Is it a trend, or is it something crucial for your project in the long-term? Before clarifying what the discovery session is, let us explain to you what it is NOT! It's not a free 10-mins call to say, "Hi, I need an eCommerce app! Can you do it? - Oh, yes! - Great, we have a deal! When do we start?"

The Discovery Session is not a trend, too! It is a well-planned, structured process of discussing, meeting, and defining a specific project's actual scope with all the stakeholders involved! It is a paid service that guarantees all the parties they know what they will work on and what they will invest.

Key benefits of a Discovery Session

The benefits of a Discovery session are countless because it covers the skeleton of the project, such as type (e.g., store, app, etc.), goals, quotation, and all the details as well, such as every functionality, designs, SEO, the outcome of the development process, etc.

  • Defining the project and its goal - No matter if we talk about eCommerce or not, when we take a step into our lives, we have to know what we want to achieve and, most of all, why we will spend time, investments, and efforts on it. We start with a 15-mins free call to know you and briefly sketch your project type and needs. Time is the most precious asset that can’t be recovered, so we prefer to immediately save you time and money and let you know if we can move forward.

  • Discussing every functionality and its usability - One of the most critical parts of the Discovery session, is discussing the project in its essentials - from A to Z - to know what we have on the table. This is when you can address all your questions, all the missing elements from the puzzle will be placed in their order, and you will be able to see a comprehensive picture of the project. Sometimes misunderstandings lead to canceled projects and many investments for a product you don’t want to work with. This leads to the next and maybe one of the most important benefits of the discovery session. We use 2 hours paid-discovery sessions for this purpose or a full 2-weeks Discovery Sprint.

  • Save time, money, and stress - When you have your product's idea in your mind, and you are sure you want to see it live, the budget for its development is crucial for every business. Often business owners don't know the exact investment they'll need for their eCommerce plans, and they don't have to. But if they want a high-end design and development, the Discovery session and the experts are essential. Discussing the project in detail will give you an accurate budget for having the project of your dreams - nothing less. You will make an informed decision on your project's future! The investment spent in a discovery session saves you twice or even more in paying for undefined scope and project map.

  • Last but also important is that you can have your impressions of the expert you may work with. If you spend your money on your project, trust, good communication, and business partnerships are crucial! And you can’t have a real concept of someone’s expertise for just 15 mins on the phone, don’t you?

In conclusion, we can compare the Discovery session with the process of building a new house. Before we start the actual process, we always have a detailed scheme of our future home. If we start creating it without it, it’s very likely to build a house with a curved roof and walls. You don’t need to pray for luck for your eCommerce project, neither!

If you want to follow your Discovery session steps, you can do it here.

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